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Sizes:-Patchwork Collection:-Patchwork Jackets, Patchwork Skirts & Patchwork Trousers or Patchwork Flared Pants

UK SIZES in both centimeters & inches
Fun in the Sun
and Winter Warmers Collection: the sizing has a broader scope and are usually one size garments, these are descibed with each item shown

Small 8 to 10 Medium 12 to 14 Large 16 to 18
Bust ins
(30ins) to (33ins) (34ins) to (37ins) (38ins) to 42ins)
Bust cms
76 to 84cms 87 to 94cms 97 to 107cms
Waist ins
(23ins) to (26ins) (27ins) to (31ins) (31ins) to (34ins)
Waist cms
59 to 66cms 69 to 79cms 79 to 87cms
Hips ins
(34ins) to (36ins) (37ins) to (40ins) (41ins to (45ins)
Hips cms
87 to 92cms 94 to 102cms 104 to 115cms
Skirt lengths:-
  A SymetricPatchwork Skirt - 18ins to 32ins
53cms (21ins)    
74cms (29ins)    
89cms (35ins)    
Pants (outside leg)
89cms (35ins) 94cms (37ins) 99cms (39ins)

All SARONG Sizes are approx

and prices differ according to fabrics and whether dyed or undyed

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Have fun

All Sarong Sizes available

Extra Extra Coverall.140x200cms(54x75ins.)

Extra Coverall...........140x175cms(54x70ins)


Ankle length Dress -....... 115x150cms. (45x60ins.)

Ankle length Skirt or Knee lengths Dress- 90x150cms. (36x60ins.)

Knee Length Skirt- .....70x150cms. (27x60ins.)

Sarong Mini.or Bustina tie Top 46x150cms (18x60ins.)

Tie Top or Scarf.. ....31x150cms. (12x60ins.)


Blue text :- These are standard sizes, always available;

Due to public demand other sizes include 70"and 75"(white text above table) widths which allows total cover and overwrapping, lengths as above or if you want different lengths just tell Georgia Email

Fun in the Sun collection there are individually sized one off sarongs not listed above in online shop why not browse at your leisure; each sarong is described, sized and priced

If your size is not here you may wish to fill in a Personal measurement form and have your garment custom made:- Contact Georgia for measurement form


Specialist orders,They are made to the specific order sizes Will not recieve REFUNDS. Be honest and careful when taking measurements.
If you require help Contact Georgina, she is friendly and is always willing to help, as she does not accept returns or give refunds for wrong sizing.

MY Returns Policy. is to keep the customer happy, if there is a problem, please contact me and I will do my utmost to solve it.

In the event you are still disatisfied with product on receipt of goods returned in good condition, I will refund monies - minus the cost of post and packaging minimum £5.00

I do my utmost to describe & photograph the products to make easier your selection

I am a small cottage industry not a catalogue

Just ask phone,text or email


Originale Print and ART Card Sizes

Approx. Sizes:- British inches
Small A6 Standard A5 Large A4
Print actual
Print including mount
Print including mount and frame
made to order
ART Cards matching envelopes
not available
Sea of Poppies Framed

These sizes are just a guide if you require other dimensions Contact Georgia with your request

There is no obligation from your initial consultation,but a non-refundable fee of £20.00 is payable on confirmation of first appointment.

Cheques & Credit cards accepted ........ Book appointment now for 2010


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Contact Numbers Tel.+44(0)1326 317784..... Mobile 07817 003 780