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Georgia Originale Designerwear by Falmouth Designer Georgia Hurst made in Cornwall UK

Different lengthWRAPS &Sarongs suitable for Beach Wedding Parties

Ivory Silk sarong set with organza pashmina.worn here bustina size 60x 18" with sarong ankle length 60"x36"in ivory silk

matched with ivory embroidered organza wrap75"x29" These combinations available in colours shown below

.. .

Colours from left to right are : Red, Turquoise, White, Sky Blue, Muave, Blue, Pink, Ivory or Cream, Black,Gold, is also available (click images for larger picture)
You need to quote your choice of colour when ordering

ref.silk12; Scarf Silk scarf , tie top or bandana or belt twisted. approx size 60"x12"

Price £7.50 Buy please quote ref.silk12+colour

ref.silk18; Bustina ,mini skirt, childs shoulder wrap Silk-satin scarf ,tie top . approx size 60"x18"

Price £15.50 Buy please quote ref.silk18+colour

ref.silk27; Sarong polyester Silk Sarong: wrap skirt, tie halter top or evening shawl approx size 60"x27""

Price £24.50 Buy please quote 27+colour

ref.silk36; sarong polyester Silk Sarong: ankle length skirt or Dress 60"x36"

Price £27.50 Buy please quote ref.silk36+colour

ref.silk45; sarong polyester Silk Long Sarong: Dress Cover all 60"x45"

Price £29.50 Buy please quote ref.silk45+colour

ref.silk72; pashmina polyester Silk Long Sarong: Dress Cover all 72 "x29"

Price £25.50 Buy please quote ref.silk72+colour

Buy Direct from Georgia

Contact Georgia with order giving (ref.silk36 + plus the colour you require). for example red would be ref.R.silk36

plus details Name, phone, email and delivery address,

Telephone details direct Contact Numbers Tel. +44(0)1326 317784 Mobile 07817 003 780

buying online How to Pay buy online at Georgia originale

1) You can pay by Credit Card giving your card details over the phone

2) You can pay by sending cheque made out to Georgia Originale


Ask Georgia is available for wedding groups including; bride, bridesmaids,(children on request to match bride) brides mother and grooms mother all designed for Beach Weddings and Beach parties

Telephone details direct Contact Numbers Tel./ +44(0)1326 317784 Mobile 07817 003 780

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