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Little Ships


DUNKIRK Sea of Poppies Series; Georgia's Tribute to the Little Ships of Dunkirk May 2015 will commemorate 75 years since Dunkirk evacuation
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Many of these Dunkirk Little Ships displayed below will return this year to Dunquerk after 75 years to commemorate that miracle during world war II of bringing back our couragous men


DUNKIRK Sea of Poppies

A Series of Limited edition signed prints of pencil sketches that were done and researched in preperation for the oil painting in dedication to

Dunkirk Little Ships

On the reverse of these products is a description of the boat, and how it featured at Dunkirk in1940, and some were at the D-Day landings in 1944;

with any interesting stories and anecdotes from owners and crews at the time, and where the vessel is now.


print Lord Southbourogh lifeboat

ref.Lord Southborough Lifeboat

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buy print M.Y.L'Orage

ref. L'Orage

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Pictures; prints of the research sketches and drawings for oil painting

'Sea of Poppies'; (to be auctioned for Charity Restoration of Little Ships)

Spitfires,Lifeboats,Fishing boats, tugs, cruisers, yachts, anything that could float.

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purchase card Maid Marion Cornish lugger

Ref. Maid Marion

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Maid Marion is a Cornish Lugger

buy print Maid Marion Sepia

Ref. Maid Marion Sepia

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All these pictures can be purchased in following formats;-

Art cards, one size 21cmsx15cms best buy

Assorted packs of 10 REF 10std Dunkirk artcards only £20

Assorted packs of 5 REF 5std Dunkirk artcards only £9-50

free postage and Package UK only

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purchase Dunkirk cards

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buy spitfires print

ref. spitfires


Limited Edition of 25 Signed Prints,

each print is on acid free drawing paper

A4 print in ivory conservation mount with backing card descriptive text on reverse

approx size including mount 40cms x 30cms 12"x15"

Price £24.50 BUY via

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Contact details mob 07817003780

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ref Greater London Lifeboat



buy printGreater London Lifeboat

ref Greater London Lifeboat

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and A5 mounted on ivory conservation card

approx size including backing card 25x20cms

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Why not celebrate 75 Years since Dunkirk with a Limited edition Sea of Poppies PRINT

A5 Print

ref.Lord Southborough Lifeboat

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MTB 102 sepiabuy print

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A4 Prints ivory in conservation mounts Framed in Woodpecker handmade wooden frame ideal for staining or varnishing to match your yacht or boat

Approx size with glazed frame 12"x14"

Price £49.95 BUY just quote name and price

These framed prints could be hanging on your walls or in your boats tommorrow

All pictures on this page can be bought framed just type ref name you require in size box; when you enter shop

or just Contact Georgia direct

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Steam Tug Challenge

ref. Steam Tug Challenge

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M.Y.Rania is now in the hands of the Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust DLSRT who are arranging for her to be fully restored, in the hope she will sail in 65th commemorative sail to Dunkirk in May 2005. If you would like to be involved an exciting project like this;

for more pictures and updated information

Rania now available GEORGIA ORIGINALE at ETSY ..Click

Donations are needed;

Georgia is donating the funds from auction of oil painting called Sea of Poppies to this Little Ship

to donate funds direct

Click on link Rania or DLSRT

Sponsered ship Rania

ref. M.Y. Rania



Georgia now for more details....Mobile/text:07817 003780


Little Ships

Prints & Art cards of Georgia's research drawings for Sea of Poppies paintings


framed print Massey Shaw Fireboat

ref Massey Shaw Fireboat

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Vanguard Oyster Smack

other boats in this print include:-Providence of Falmouth, Endeavour,MTB102, L'Orage, Aquabelle, Betty, and a couple of Spitfires watching over the little boats

to place an order or buy online take note of picture ref. name and choose format you require listed below

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A4 Mounted Print £24.50 BUY

A5 Mount & Framed print £24.50 BUY

A4 Mount & Framed print £49.50 BUY

art card blank verse

ref. Vanguard

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framed print

ref. Vanguard Sepia

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Providence of Falmouth

In the hands of Jonathan Minns who keeps her on the Beaulieu River in Hampshire and often sails down to Falmouth in Cornwall , she has been restored to perfection and lends grace to all the rallies of the

Association of Dunkirk Little Ships

that she takes part in.

framed print Providence of Falmouth sepia picture

ref. Providence - Sepia

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buy print Providence of Falmouth b-w print

ref. Providence of Falmouth

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MTB 102 In 1944 she carried Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower to review the ships assembled on the South Coast for the D-Day landings and so saw both the end of the desperate evacuation of the British Forces from Europe and the start of their determined return.

MTB 102 is one of the very few World War II Royal Navy vessels still afloat and is thought to be the only Royal Navy vessel involved in the evacuation at Dunkirk that has survived.

This print is to be discontinued, The owner of MTB 102 wishes me to remove this print from my website.

only very few copies left for more pictures

MTB 102 sepia buy online

ref. MTB 102 sepia


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MTB 102 framed print buy online

ref MTB 102


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