.... Shimmery CHOCOLATE BROWN Organza Wraps .... GEORGIA ORIGINALE

SITE MAP Georgia Originale gold organza Designerwear by Falmouth Designer Georgia Hurst made in Cornwall UK.Shimmery, shiny, golden sheer evening wraps,stoles,gold Chidren's shawls,mini or long sarongs or extra wide gold pashmina you call it whatever you like but these beautiful wraps look wonderful to cover bare shoulders and arms for those special evening occassions for Children (bridesmaids) & Adults

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Brown Shimmery Organza Pashmina: wrap stole,

or evening shawl ,tied as bolero or shrug type jacket.

approx size 75" x 29 "

Price £25.50


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brown organza childs shoulder wrap.. Ref.18Choc-org.wrap..

Organza Mini Sarong: size 60"x18"

or Childs Shoulder Wrap ( bridesmaids) shown here with ivory silk beneath

Price £15.50


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Organza Sarong: wrap skirt, pictures shows organza with gold silk underneath; notice change in shimmery colour-

size 60"x27"(150cms x69cms)

Price £19.50


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please quote Ref.27Choc-org.wrap..........


The colour has changed due to turquiose silk beneath.Organza is a sheer fabric totally see through in single layers

Organza Sarong: ankle length floaty skirt

or Knee length Dress 60"x36"(150cms x 90cms)

Price £24.50


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please quoteRef.36Choc-org.wrap.....

........these sarongs are tied over Ivory gold and turquoise blue silk

..shown here all NEW STOCK JUST IN .............BUY NOW WHILE THEY LAST

Click images below for more available colours

.WHITE ...white organza wraps...IVORY.Ivory Sheer Stole Scarf Wrap PEACH..peach cildrens wraps...

BLUE/GOLD.blue shiny shawls.GOLD .gold eveningwear..

CINNAMONSpicy Red. rusty red evening stole ..NEW .RUBY RED. red sheer evening wrap


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Perfect with different color sarong underneath contrasts darker shades(availableNOW )A selection of Black Sarongs available just click or White sarongsAsk Georgia is available for wedding groups including; bride, bridesmaids,(children on request to match bride) brides mother and grooms mother all designed for Beach Weddings and Beach partiesavailable now can be dispatched on reciept of payment....TODAY free delivery to UK.....Allow 5-10days + £5.50 shipping WORLDWIDEor Contact Georgia with your requests plus details Name, phone, email and delivery address,

These sarongs and wraps can ALSO be mixed and matched to make a complete holiday wardrobe in a suitcase

can be dispatched TODAY free delivery to UK

MIX & MATCH sarongs look at prices and metric sizes

in different fabrics on one page CLICK

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Organza Designer Sheer Evening wraps for Weddings or Christmas
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