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Georgia Hurst is a multi-faceted artist and designer with a true passion for her work and enthusiasm for the subjects that inspire her. Originally from the West Midlands, she soon fell in love with the sea and sailing, so decided to move to Cornwall the county surrounded by the ocean. Elements in her work that, for example, may be reminiscent of fishing lines or masts derive from this primary passion that motivates this well-travelled skipper. Her work seeks to capture the full majesty of the sea and our relationship with it. At the same time Georgia's vibrant, engaging personality shines through it, making the artwork uniquely her own. Her drive and zest for life has enabled her to realise her dreams.

Always artistic, Georgia 's background is in textile design, with over 30 years of experience. This includes a ten years as a self-taught, bespoke tailor with Hepworth's. With her unique brand of tireless ambition and motivation it was only natural that one day she would set up her own fashion business. It is here that she found the potential for creating real art from textiles, and it has become a common component in many of her paintings.

Georgia's earlier successes in painting included winning an art competition at the age of seven, and, never one to rest on her laurels, she has been looking for new creative challenges ever since. Her intrinsic creative fascination continually drives her on to explore art in ever-changing ways using numerous materials and techniques.

Though proud of her self-made background, she decided to further her art education in a more focused and structured way at Falmouth College of Arts, which fuels her powerful drive to explore her creativity from every possible angle.

Through her use of photographs as studies for paintings Georgia Hurst has found another outlet for her creative imagination. Whilst this is certainly an art form in it's own right, photography is, in her own words, the medium that ‘puts her back on track' in her paintings. Sometimes, for example, a photograph will indicate not only the composition but also the mood a painting should catch.

In many of her paintings, such as the Arrows series, ongoing themes of seascapes and boats or floral studies arising from her keen interest in gardening , the photographs she uses as an aide memoir in their composition stand in their own right as fully-realised artworks, solidly composed and beautifully lit. In her view Georgia 's most successful works require no separate explanation; the viewer instinctively interprets the message within them.

Whether figurative or verging on the abstract, one thing all her work has in common is its source inspiration. Her work is a continuing exploration of the concept of Reflections - and all its suggested metaphors - whether from light, in water, or in the way memories fragment even as we try to catch them.

In getting to know the artist and her work, nothing will be too much trouble for her. Georgia Hurst is engaged, focused, and someone who will go to any lengths to provide the necessary materials and information. Not only will you have a chance to view numerous examples of her work on her well-structured website; in being that rarest of finds, a business-minded artist, Georgia is an asset to any project with tight deadlines and commitments.

Georgia has a deep-rooted interest in historical events, and relishes long term projects such as her Sea of Poppies , which features the L ittle Ships of Dunkirk as a tribute to veterans of WW2. The artist is planning touring exhibitions outside of Cornwall and is always keen to embark upon a new journey.

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